Content is King

Your Mission—Deliver content so striking that it begs to be shared, in a package so seamless that deploying it feels effortless.

More than 100 diverse interests representing the forest sector made up #forestproud: from The Nature Conservancy to Procter & Gamble, the US Forest Service to Green Diamond. We were tasked with 1) extracting a coherent message from this partnership and 2) ’moving the needle’ on public perception: reintroducing the sector as a force for good.

We started with a couple of hundred followers on a private Facebook page. Working hand in hand with our creative partners at Wall-to-Wall Studios and gnarly bay, we then built from scratch a fast-track production line for compelling content. High quality videos, a plug and play social media strategy and sophisticated sentiment analysis. Two years later, we were reaching 12-15 million 18-35 year olds a month. 

#forestproud was an olympic level exercise in cat herding that pushed our combined skillsets and ingenuity to the limit. The secret formula? Focus. Focus. Focus: Great content, delivered on time, readily deployable, with top drawer metrics & reporting.