One Shot. One Opportunity.

The Communications Partnership for Science & The Sea was becoming a victim of their own success. They’d proven so effective elevating marine conservation in the media that funders were begging them to take on other issues. The question was—could they expand wisely, without abandoning all the advantages of their hard earned focus?

We love focus, and so did they. But we also love working with clients to navigate opportunity thoughtfully and thoroughly. 

The +coordinates team worked with COMPASS’ staff, leadership, Board and Funders to analyze options, identify and address concerns, and in the end, to step forward boldly with a clear, reasonable roadmap, a winning pitch - and a new round of funding.

+coordinates doesn’t just talk about strategic clarity or how they are about lasting organizational change instead of a plan that sits on a shelf. Their work with COMPASS embodied all of that. The brand framework process and product was truly one of the most transformative things we've done.”

Brooke Smith, Executive Director | COMPASS